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A good-looking and blue-eyed English model, David Gandy is a top favorite among Italian designers Dolce & Gabbana for he graced most of their fashion ramp shows and trendy campaigns. David has a brawny and muscular body built which he put to good use in his modeling career. His name became popular in the fashion industry so it helped him establish an impressive portfolio of clients, runway shows, editorial photo shoots and magazine covers. We know David’s fans have all been dying to see him in his glorious nakedness so we are giving this photo as a treat. Check out the longing look in his face but give attention to his long and huge cock.

Chris Brown Nude

Chris Brown might not be the most liked male celebrity, but he is definitely one of the hottest.  He’s shirtless just about all the time on stage and shows a bulge quite often too.  This nude picture of him surfaced the net recently and we’re not sure if it’s real or fake.

Naked Christopher Meloni Gallery

We mostly know Christopher Meloni as the straight-talking, blue-collar detective Elliot Stabler on Law & Order SVU, but Chris got his gay on in the HBO series OZ, and showed off his huge cock to boot! I don’t’ think we’ll be seeing that on NBC anytime soon though.