Thaddeus Rahming Nude

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Thaddeus Rahming was in the movie ‘Hall Pass’ and showed his huge black cock.  He didn’t have a very prominent role, but you will always remember his naked scene. We haven’t heard much of him since then, but he went above and beyond for this.

Bokeem Woodbine Naked and Exposed

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Bokeem Woodbine has been starring in movies for twenty years now and doesn’t seem to age.  He did this nude scene in the movie ‘The Big Hit’ and caused men to question their sexuality everywhere.  With a naked butt like that, it’s a surprise there aren’t more scenes like this.

Kanye West Sex Scandal

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If this really is Kanye West, you are not going to believe your eyes!  He’s got a huge black cock and really knows how to use it.

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Chris Brown Nude

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Chris Brown might not be the most liked male celebrity, but he is definitely one of the hottest.  He’s shirtless just about all the time on stage and shows a bulge quite often too.  This nude picture of him surfaced the net recently and we’re not sure if it’s real or fake.

Mykel Shannon Jenkins Shirtless

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Mykel Shannon Jenkins -shirtless

Mykel Shannon Jenkins plays Charlie Baker on The Bold and the Beautiful. Get your favorite Black Male Celebs at MaleStars!

Mehcad Brooks in Calvin Kleins

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Mehcad Brooks is an up and coming black male celeb starring in ABC’s The Deep End and showing off his giant bulge in a Calvin Klein underwear ads!

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Nelly Shirtless and Ripped!

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Nelly may be short, but he makes up for it with his hot, black ripped body. He doesn’t have to sing, he can just stand there and flex as far as I’m concerned!

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Taye Diggs Naked

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Private Practice’s resident black male star Taye Diggs looks hot in anything, but Diggs has done some nude movie scenes as well.

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Jamie Foxx Full Frontal and HUNG

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The cock is out of the bag! Oscar winner Jamie Foxx confirms that the full frontal naked pictures that have been floating around are really him. Check out that HUGE cock! With a tool that size, I’m amazed he hasn’t “leaked” pics like this before.

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