Ryan Reynold’s big butt

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Ryan Reynolds looks smoking hot with his toned muscles and six-pack abs. Women go crazy over his transformation from being the nerdy geek to the good-looking gentleman that he is now. One couldn’t get enough of his charm so it’s no wonder that Ryan starred in a number of films. Some of his claim-to-fame movies are: Definitely, Maybe, The Proposal, Buried and Green Lantern. Everyone’s been waiting for Ryan’s most awaited nude photos but he seemed to be elusive so here is one photo that will make you jump in your seat:. Isn’t that butt luscious enough?

Ryan Reynolds Nude

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Ryan Reynolds is mostly known for being a funny man, but he’s damn sexy. Here are a few nude shots of Ryan, who is currently starring with Sandra Bullock in “The Proposal.” See more pictures of Ryan Reynolds naked here.