Marc Blucas’ sexy sex scenes

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Marc Blucas is an American actor who is well-famed for playing the roles of Riley Finn in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and as Matthew Donnelly in Necessary Roughness. Marc also had a few films under his belt such as: We Were Soldiers, Sunshine State, View from the Top, First Daughter, After Sex, The Killing Floor and Red State to name a few. With his rough gorgeous looks and heart-melting smiles, it is no surprise why Marc is adored by many. Take a look at these sexy sex scenes of Marc while revealing his luscious butt on the kitchen counter.

Mark Blucas Naked Butt

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Mark Blucas plays a recurring role on the TV show ‘Necessary Roughness’ and shows a bit of skin.  He’s done a nude movie scene or two in his career, including the naked butt scene above.

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