Josh Holloway’s sexy sculpted body

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You would probably recognize Josh as the good-looking actor who portrayed the role of James “Sawyer” Ford on the hit American tv show Lost. For those who are very much familiar with Josh, he also played the part of Gabriel Vaughn in the CBS drama television series Intelligence. A true-blue hot blonde American, Josh is a wild fantasy to many for he possesses not only a beautiful face but also a bodacious body. Check out this shirtless photo of Josh at the beach where he revealed his well-chiseled body.

Josh Holloway Shirtless

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Josh Holloway plays James ‘Sawyer’ Ford on ABC’s Lost. We don’t get to see enough shirtless shots of the hottie, even though he’s stranded on an island. Maybe when the show comes back in January we’ll get more of our Sawyer fix.

In the mean time, See Josh Holloway Nude