Antony Starr’s naked butt

July 2, 2015 · Posted in Actors, Antony Starr · Comments Off on Antony Starr’s naked butt 


The Banshee lead star Antony Starr is all that a woman could ever ask for in a man. Undeniably good-looking with his rough unshaven face, piercing light blue eyes and strong arched brows, Antony just spells sex appeal in all his natural features. Not only known for his handsome face, Antony also starred in several films such as In My Father’s Den, Spies and Lies and Wish You Were Here. Smoking hot and fresh from the oven, take a look at this titillating sex scene of Antony in the tv series Banshee and you’d definitely want to switch places with the woman he’s having sex with. Just looking at that butt of his sends thousands of lustful electric waves down our body.

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