Antonio Sabato Jr.’s big and juicy cock

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Antonio Sabato received world wide attention as a Calvin Klein model strutting his well-chiseled body and manly stuff with their sexy under garments. Despite his fame in the modeling world, Antonio knew he has more to offer aside from his good looks and body so he ventured into the acting world and later appeared in the hit soap opera General Hospital. Since then, Antonio graced several films and television shows but fans will surely not forget his gay role in the movie Testosterone where he did full frontal nudity and gay sex scenes. For those who are wondering what lies beneath that Calvin Klein under wear,  here’s Antonio fully exposing his big and long dick.

Antonio Sabato Jr and David sutcliffe Naked in Testosterone

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Yeah, the movie Testosterone sucked, but we got some great gay sex scenes and full frontal nudity from Antonio Sabato Jr.

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