Chad Michael Murray Naked!

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Chad Michael Murray recently left his long-running role as Lucas Scott on One Tree Hill. We’re not sure what he’ll be up to next. There are some movie deals rumored to be on the table. We can only hope the former fashion model and CW star will show some more twinky skin!

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Male Celeb Sex Tapes!

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Matthew Morrison Shirtless

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Matthew Morrison, once a Broadway superstar, is making it big on FOX’s new show Glee as Will Schuester. The producers are being kind enough to throw in a few shirtless pictures of the actor every now and then, so stay tuned for more caps.

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NIcholas Gonzalez Full Frontal Nude

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Nicholas Gonzalez is all over the tube these days. He was on the summer series Mental, then jumped over to the CW for the resurrection of Melrose Place and also guest starred on The Forgotten on ABC.

Taye Diggs Naked

October 17, 2009 · Posted in Black Male Celebs, Naked Pictures, Shirtless, Taye Diggs · Comments Off on Taye Diggs Naked 


Private Practice’s resident black male star Taye Diggs looks hot in anything, but Diggs has done some nude movie scenes as well.

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Eminem Naked

October 15, 2009 · Posted in Eminem, Musicians, Naked Pictures · Comments Off on Eminem Naked 


There’s not much rapper Eminem won’t do for attention and that includes stripping down to his socks and sneaks.

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Naked David Beckham

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Soccer was never so hot before David Beckham hit the scene. Backing up his athletic prowess, he became and underwear model, then lost the underwear all together for some naked shots. Beckham definitely knows how to make it as an American heart throb.

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Jamie Foxx Full Frontal and HUNG

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The cock is out of the bag! Oscar winner Jamie Foxx confirms that the full frontal naked pictures that have been floating around are really him. Check out that HUGE cock! With a tool that size, I’m amazed he hasn’t “leaked” pics like this before.

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Footloose and Shirtless with Chace Crawford

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Chace Crawford was voted People Magazine’s hottest bachelor due to his popularity as Nate Archibald on Gossip Girl. We expect he’ll make another big splash when he takes on Kevin Bacon’s star-making role of Ren McCormack in the new version of Footloose.

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Josh Holloway Shirtless

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Josh Holloway plays James ‘Sawyer’ Ford on ABC’s Lost. We don’t get to see enough shirtless shots of the hottie, even though he’s stranded on an island. Maybe when the show comes back in January we’ll get more of our Sawyer fix.

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