Channing Tatum Shirtless in GQ

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Channing Tatum is on a roll right now. He recently got married, he’s got a hit movie in G.I. Joe Rise of the Cobra and he’s got a hot shirtless spread in GQ magazine. The former fashion model looks like he’ll have a full plate of acting gigs in the future, with multiple projects listed on IMDB.

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Pete Wentz Cock Shots!

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Fall Out Boy Pete Wentz lets it ALL fall out when he whips out his dick and his cellp hone to snap up pictures of his cock. Check out the private cell phone pics from Pete Wentz!

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Jason Lewis Shirtless!

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Fashion model turned actor Jason Lewis is probably best known for his steamy scenes in Sex in the City – both movie and T.V. show, but also made a splash as Kevin Walker’s gay love interest on Brothers and Sisters. Lewis is said to be dating Cameron Diaz these days.

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Hunter Parrish Naked!

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Showtime’s Weeds has always been a favorite show, but now that Hunter Parrish is old enough to get naked on the show, its even better.

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Eric Balfour Full Frontal Nude

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Eric Balfour is one of those actors that you see often of TV shows, but generally don’t know his name. Well after I saw these full-frontal nude pictures of him, I won’t be forgetting his name any time soon.

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Mario Lopez Shirtless

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Extra Host Mario Lopez will be joining his former Saved By The Bell castmates for a reunion show. I’ve seen enough of Screech to last a life time, but  maybe now that they’re all grown up we’ll get to see a little Mario Lopez and Mark Paul Goesselaar skin!

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Ashton Kutcher Shirtless, Underwear

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Following Ashton Kutcher’s daily tweets and exploits on the web is fun, but not nearly as much fun as seeing some Ashton Kutcher skin. Kutcher’s got a new film coming out called Five Killers, and we’ve seen some previews. Look forward to more shirtless Kutcher action and some tight neoprene dive suits that show off all the right bulges.

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