Jason Wiles In Underwear

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Jason Wiles was the star of ‘Persons Unknown’, but unfortunately the show was cancelled.  He did get to show quite a bit of skin on the episodes though, including the scene above where he was in his underwear.

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Antonio Sabato Jr and David sutcliffe Naked in Testosterone

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Yeah, the movie Testosterone sucked, but we got some great gay sex scenes and full frontal nudity from Antonio Sabato Jr.

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Aaron Eckhart Shirtless

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Aaron Eckhart is one of those guys that is in all kinds of movies, but you never quite know who he is. He’s got a pretty sweet, hairy chest though, and he’s done some nude scenes as well. See Aaron Eckhart’s Nude Movie Scenes!

Robert Downy Jr Nude

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Oscar-winner Robert Downey Jr. may be in his 40s but he keeps his popularity up by snagging good roles, working out and showing some skin for the camera.

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Jeremy Piven Shirtless and Hairy

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For fans of hairy male celebs, it Jeremy Piven from Entourage. Piven’s done some nude scenes as well!

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Dermot Mulroney Shirtless and Hairy

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Dermot Mulroney knows how to work his hairy manscape! Ex-wife Catherine Keener might have been tempted to re-create the chest waxing scene from her film The 40-Year-Old-Virgin as they struggled through divorce in 2007.

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